When Can I Launch My Campaign?

Choosing Your Launch Date and Deadline

The best date to launch your campaign is when you are completely prepared and ready to go. Treat it as real project and be in a hurry to launch.

Study shows that Monday or Tuesday are good days to launch your campaigns. Being the beginning of the week, they give you the opportunity to build momentum as the week goes by. It is believed that campaigns launched on Monday or Tuesday generates about 14% more in contribution on average than those launched on other days of the week. Be careful to not launch on major holidays as odds are higher for most people to contribute to your campaign on week-days when on their computers.


How long can I set my campaign deadline?

You can set your campaign deadline between 1 – 60 days on TechBnk. Campaigns with shorter deadlines say between 1 -35 days are more likely to hit target because of the following factors:

  • A Sense of Urgency: Setting your campaign to send within a short period creates a sense of urgency in the minds of your prospective contributors to contribute now or lose the chance. This motivation is incredibly important to to maximize your goal.
  • Build Momentum: Similar to a sense of urgency above, your campaign is more likely to build momentum if you realize that you have limited timeline to build rapport with your target community. It strategically positions you to execute only your key breakthrough actions.
  • Customer Engagement: If you allow your campaign to run longer, it is likely to become hard for your audience to stay 100% engaged, inspired, and contributing except you have reached your first funding goal.
  • Management Cost: It takes so much resource to manage campaigns long-term than it takes for a short-term period.