Fees and Pricing

How much fee does TechBnk take?

TechBnk’s platform fee is 5% on all funds raised by campaign owners. This will be collected from the total amount of contributions raised on your campaign’s deadline, not on your funding goal. TechBnk will not at any time request you to pay setup fee or collect upfront payment from you. If you back or contribute to a campaign on our platform, TechBnk will not charge you a penny.

In addition, you will be charged processing fee by third party organizations such as Stripe and PayPal for credit card processing. This is usually determined by a number of factors such as your funding type, currency of choice, and the country in which your bank is located.

If you are running a flexible funding campaign, you have the option of accepting contributions through PayPal, credit card, or both. If you choose fixed funding, your contributions can only be made through PayPal.


Below is how your fee is calculated:

Fees & Pricing

Note: PayPal fees are determined by PayPal and are charged on per contribution basis.

Fees & Pricing_2

Note: Credit card payments are determined by Stripe and are charged on per contribution basis.


If your funds are raised and your bank is located outside United Kingdom

The following fee structure will apply:

Fees & Pricing


TechBnk Platform Fee & Pricing Table

Fee & Pricing Table