Funding Types

Which Funding Type Can I Choose for my Campaign?

TechBnk offers two funding options for your campaign – Flexible Funding, and Fixed Funding options


Flexible Funding: Keep What You Raised

Flexible funding is gives you the opportunity to keep all your funds even you’re your campaign does not reach its funding goal. Project owners choose this option if they believe that any amount of money they raise will help them reach their campaign objective and still be able to fulfill their rewards to contributors. Almost all the campaigns on TechBnk can be run on Flexible funding, and you can keep all the funds, even if you do not meet your goal!


Fixed Funding: All Or Nothing

Fixed Funding option is an all or nothing option. That means that you can keep the money you raised only if you meet your funding goal. If at the end of your campaign you did not reach your funding goal, TechBnk will refund all contributions received within 3 – 5 business days.

Fixed funding option is usually preferred where project objective requires a minimum amount of money to be executed, and where it is impossible to fulfill the rewards unless the campaign goal is fully reached.

We recommend that you choose your funding option very carefully since you cannot change it the moment your campaign is launched.

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