What is MarkedIn

What is MarkedIn


When creating your campaign on TechBnk, you can choose to run one of two programs: Target Program, or MarkedIn Program.

Target program allows you to end your campaign when it reaches your selected deadline, say 60 days. On the other hand, MarkedIn gives you the opportunity to continue raising funds for your campaign beyond the specified end date.

To qualify for MarkedIn, your campaign must fully achieve its funding goal, and reach its specified end date.

How to join MarkedIn Program?

From the “Campaign End Options” section of your campaign creation dashboard:

  • Select “MarkedIn”

When selected, your campaign will run normally until it meets the following two conditions:

  • Meets its funding goal, and
  • Reaches deadline selected by you.

Then the campaign will automatically kick into MarkedIn mode, making it possible to continue accepting contributions until you decide to opt-out of the program. You can opt-out of MarkedIn by de-selecting the option from your campaign editing section. Your campaign will be eligible to enter MarkedIn only if it reaches the two conditions above.

What are the Benefits of MarkedIn?

Aside from having the privilege of continuing to raise finance after your campaign has reached its end date, MarkedIn gives you the privilege to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ongoing exposure on TechBnk’s platform
  • Showing your page with updated highlights about your success portrays your campaign and business in good light and helps to grow your community effortlessly.
  • Continue raising finance for your campaign as long as you choose.


How much will I pay to join MarkedIn?

The fee for participating in MarkedIn is the same as for campaigns on Target mode. You will be charged 5% TechBnk Platform fee and third party payment processing fees.


When will TechBnk release my money?

For funds raised by credit card, TechBnk aims to release the total contributions received on your campaign to your specified bank account within 15 business days after it reached end date.

If you have raised funds through PayPal, we will disburse to your PayPal account within 15 business days after your campaign reaches end date.

NOTE: All disbursements are made less 5% TechBnk Platform fee plus third party payment processing fees.You can read more about TechBnk Platform fees and pricing.