What is the Maximum Reward Tier Value?

The maximum amount of pledge on a project is based on the country of origin of the project, and you cannot set a reward tier higher than the maximum pledge amount. Below is the standard reward tier value by country, and you can take the equivalent of US$ if your country is not on the list.

UK-based projects: £5,000

US-based projects: $10,000

Canada-based projects: $8,000 CAD

Australia-based projects: $ 8,000 AUD

New Zealand-based projects: $ 8,000 NZD

Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, and Ireland-based projects: € 7,000

Sweden-based projects: 50000 SEK

Denmark-based projects: 50000 DKK

Norway-based projects: 50000 NOK

Switzerland-based projects: 7000 CHF