Before Starting Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Campaign 101

Before starting a campaign, ask:

  • Who exactly is my target customer
  • What amount of time and other resources do I have to invest in this project?
  • Who do I know that have the right skills to be part of my campaign team?
  • What primary objectives do I want to achieve from running this campaign?
  • What would have happened at the end of my campaign to tell that it was successful?


Generally speaking, everyone runs a campaign on TechBnk to start a new business, or fund development of a new product. Beyond raising finance, think about the impact your product will make to the lives of its users. What pains or needs will your product solve or meet in the market?

What plans do you have to sustain your product or business? Consider the import of developing a long-term relationship with your customers and brainstorm the various ways you can keep them engaged. One of such ways could be embedded in your rewards offering. Depending on your product, you could include live events – exhibitions, concerts, workshops, coaching, and training, or live calls, and warranties. The list is endless; only let your imagination go viral.

Be prepared to learn as much as you can from feedback on your campaign. For example, your campaign on TechBnk offers the opportunity not only to generate finance for your business, but also test your business model – value propositions, customer segments, customer relationships, channels, and revenue models. Keep your eyes wide open and be prepared to make any meaningful adjustments where necessary.

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